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The date that an Age starts is not determined by the position of the vernal equinox in relation to the constellations. The Age of Pisces began when the boundary that divides Aries and Pisces passed over the vernal equinox. The zodiac signs. The astrological ages. The ruling sign defines a special type of intellectual and spiritual force that is received by humanity. The Age of Aquarius. The astrological ages The zodiac is the apparent annual path of the Sun through the heavens. It commences at the vernal equinox around March 20 each year when the Sun crosses the equator. There are 12 zodiac signs.

Each sign measures 30 degrees. The zodiac commences at the first point of Aries. They vary in size. The constellations commence at the first point of Aries. The precessional cycle divides into 12 sub-cycles called Ages. There are 12 astrological Ages. They correspond to the zodiac signs — not the constellations. It begins when the boundary that divides two zodiac signs passes over the vernal equinox. They provide the planets with a special motivation.

The astrological ages Twelve astrological ages make one precessional cycle. Each covers a period of 2, years. What happens during a particular age is determined by its ruling sign. During his return mission, his horns grew one after another to the highest being gradation bearing the name 'Martfotai'. During the Daylight, the main transmitter is our Sun and during the Darknight, the Moon, the main Pole Star and the sidereal stars are the main transmitter of being psyche hydrogens to the Organic Film Biosociotechnocosmic Film.

Being psyche hydrogens can simply be called fine matters with cosmic properties inclusive. Matter can think, feel and move and can have sex; you can think, feel and move and can have sex! And you are one "cell" in this Biosociotechnocosmic Film on Mother Earth.

The astrological ages

Exchanges between the Constellations and the Organic Film on Earth. Note: These are the 12 "seasons" to the time-line Human Civilization or human history specifically, and to the Earth's Organic Film generally. Sociocosmic focus — herds. Technocosmic focus — Stone Age tools;. Typical historical events - Food hunting and animal fights. Typical historical events - Food hunting and animalian.

Typical historical events - food hunting in groups, tribal fights for food, survival and sex; tribalism, ancient communalism and emergence of tribal rites. Technocosmic focus — stone age ending, beginning of Bronze Age;. The full understanding of the Fourth Body of all types of beings on Earth and creating them?!!! Chronological Order of Influences on the Psyche of Man. Astrological Ages. Each of these civilizations sought to always bring more land and territory under their control. These Empires did so by conquering the indigenous peoples of the lands as they expanded outward.

Many Empires raped and pillages their conquered lands. Each one of these civilizations had as its leader, one central figure [Emperor or Precept] in a far-off capital and was controlled by the military. The power structure of each of these Empires was administered by its large dedicated military officers. Martin Seymour-Smith suggested "Initiative is expressed aggressively, impulsively and probably very emotively". The instinctive center, the moving center and the sex center of man were the most active centers.

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Physical power and the instruments of the chariot, swords and bows-and-arrows are the dominating focus. They are also used as instruments of physical control and preservation of slavery.

Timeline of Vedas and Origin of mythologies using Astrological Ages

The Epic of Gilgamesh. Unknown , India, ca.

The Rig Veda. Unknown , Egypt, ca. Egyptian Book of the Dead. Homer , Greece, ca. The Iliad, The Odyssey. Unknown , Israel, ca. Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah, Job. The Upanishads. Hesiod , Greece, ca. Sappho , Greece, ca. Hymn to Aphrodite. Confucius , China, BCE. The Analects.

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Lao Tzu , China, ca. The Tao Te Ching. Aeschylus , Greece, BCE. Agamemnon, Libation Bearers, Eumenides. Sun-Tzu , China, ca. The Art of War. Sophocles , Greece, BCE. Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone.

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Herodotus , Greece, BCE. The Histories. Euripides , Greece, BCE. Medea, Electra. Thucydides , Greece, BCE.


The Peloponnesian War. Aristophanes , Greece, BCE. The Birds , Lysistrata. Various , India, ca. The Teachings of The Buddha. Aristotle , Greece, BCE. Physics, The Nicomachean Ethics.

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