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Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land. Accordingly, Aquarius is the most humanitarian astrological sign. Every Aquarian is a rebel at heart: These air signs despise authority and anything that represents conventionality.

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Free-spirited and eccentric, they can often be identified by their offbeat fashion sensibilities, unusual hobbies, and nonconformist attitude. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet that governs innovation, technology, and surprising events.

Uranus perfectly mirrors Aquarius's distinctive attitude, complementing the nontraditional nature of these visionary air signs. Aquarians are big thinkers, but mustn't forget their immediate surroundings. These water bearers can become so focused on implementing widespread reform that they neglect their family and friends, gaining a reputation for being aloof and distant in relationships.

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Aquarius Dates: January 20 to February 18

Do dreams really carry meaning? Here's when not to ignore your subconscious. Here are the correct dates for the star signs:. Not too shabby, eh? Infographic shows what your sleeping habits say about you. A boost in communication between you and your partners also arrives, and changes at home take place.

If you've been thinking about moving or renovating, a shift in your process will arrive now.

The Personality of an Aquarius, Explained

Surprises are sure to pop up in your personal life or family. The sun meets Venus on August 14, beginning a new cycle in your relationships—exciting! This is an important time to connect with yourself about your needs and values in partnerships.

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The sun and Venus meet in loyal fire sign Leo, speaking to the passion, steadfastness, and creativity you seek in partners. A full moon in your sign arrives on August 15, which brings a big emotional release.

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Full moons are all about letting go, and you're letting go of some aspects of yourself that you've outgrown. A climax is reached in your relationships, and if you've been wondering what will become of a partnership, this full moon will illuminate things for you.

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Expect surprising news about your personal life and partnerships to arrive as communication planet Mercury clashes with wildcard Uranus on August A breakthrough idea may also be born. Uranus is all about innovation, and with each turn it takes this month, eureka moments arrive. On a more emotional level, Uranus in Taurus will find you breaking away from traditions, family expectations, and long-running patterns—this August, you will confront how these themes interact with and play out in your relationships.

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The time for change is here. Virgo season officially starts on August 23, but you'll feel the energy shift early as Mars enters Virgo on August 18 and Venus follows suit on August Virgo season is an intense time of year for you as it's basically a portal of transformation—life after Virgo season is never the same for Aquarians. Whether that's good or bad depends on how strongly you cling to the past and refuse to sit with your most complicated emotions.