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It's a great podcast about all things occult, spiritual and local to Chicago. Please check them out. On September 21st I gave a talk on dual-sign and dual-planet rulerships for Friends of Astrology , an astrology group local to Chicago. My talk explores the implications of various forms of dual rulership, the reasons these rulerships exist and how we might discover rich treasures of meaning from a fuller understanding of planetary rulerships. View the talk on YouTube.

Meeting Iron John, animation still by Xun Wang. In his book Iron John , Robert Bly writes about the collapse of the mythological layer.

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This leads to all manner of great anxieties and dysfunctions. A murderer does not know about the mythological layer and thus identifies with the dark spirit that passes through him and acts out its intentions. A man leaves his wife after falling in love with the wrong woman because he confuses the idealized goddess that briefly moves through her as the woman herself. The child becomes an adult who has also learned nothing of mythology, so frets endlessly over her terrorized childhood because without a mythological context we can only remain trapped in victimization.

Horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 6,

Chart cast in Astro Gold. It features a square to Mars at the last degree of Sagittarius, which can reflect an uneasiness about the dissolution of whatever adventures we've been on as we need to begin the work of building upon what we've learned from them. As this New Moon is also conjunct Chiron and trine to Jupiter in Scorpio , the work we have to do is connected to healing our souls. It's a great time to begin or deepen practices of inner journey work, energy medicine, depth psychology.

Whatever opportunities life is bringing up for us, including any apparent chaos or challenge, we can find that a simple adherence to seeing them through yields a profound sense of transcendent guidance, a realization that a compassionate hand is always at play in our lives, seeking to help us secure our faith in a divine order that works for us so long as we accept it. On March 1st I was interviewed by All Business Media FM , answering questions about my practice, my history with astrology and how astrology can transform our lives for the better. It's a short interview, about 8 minutes.

Image courtesy NASA. Jupiter entered Scorpio this past Fall and among other things is correlated with the MeToo movement, as this transit tends to out secrets, deceptions and abuses of power.

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Conversely, Jupiter in Scorpio provides a safe haven for entrenched powers, making them appear more brazen, with greater scope and breadth Russia, Trump, Assad. The Stoneman Douglas school shooting is a prime example of the contradictions inherent in this transit, as Jupiter gives an expanded sense of power to a mass murderer and keeps him safe from death for the moment , yet this tragic event catalyzes a political movement based on deeply held moral principles that will have enormous future impact.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and Pluto rules Scorpio. On a higher level, Jupiter in Scorpio is the shaman, the wise woman or man who journeys between worlds of dark and light, acting as a guide to others and bringing back wisdom from hidden places. Jupiter in Scorpio is also the "blessing in disguise," the greater good that comes from an initially painful loss.

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You do not need a PayPal account to pay. All Rights Reserved. I took this photo early one morning on Lake Michigan in the Fall of Born October 8 - This is a strong period for getting back on track. Certain areas of life stabilize, and you tend to work harder than usual.

Work or special projects can be exciting and rewarding. Even so, there can be some ups and downs in love or with money You possess a highly creative mind. You have a wonderful sense of judgment. Although you will entertain some attraction to the mystical, you are largely logical.

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You can be a charming conversationalist, making each person you talk to one-on-one feel very special. Although you are capable of much hard work, leisure time is very important to you. You are more decisive than the typical Libra personality. You are creative, witty, and fair-minded. These forecasts also incorporate Numerology and Personal Year Numbers.

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