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Children implies some sort of innocence, or relative freedom from the established paradigm. If we indeed focus our Attention on Letting Go of our Limiting Beliefs, a good deal of Grace awaits us this coming week. A note about Conjunctions and Initiations. However, in a relative sense, Slow planets connote Wisdom, and Fast planets suggest Messengers. A Conjunction Initiates a Cycle. The Conjunction sees the event as a moment, while the Initiation sees the event as the essence of a Cycle.

Think of the Conjunction as a noun and the Initiation as a verb. So the Grace would lie in opportunities to become Conscious of our Limiting Beliefs. Once a Belief arises into Consciousness, we can work to establish new Habits that counter the Belief. Zosma symbolizes the place in Linear Time where the Patriarchy usurped Power from the Matriarchy, and hence the condition of those who are out of Power and vulnerable to persecution by the Powerful.

When I shared this information with my client, they were surprised by how relevant this was to their Life, and how the conceptualization had not risen into their Consciousness before.

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They were initially bummed, Feeling it as a sort of Fate or Destiny. When I spoke with them later, they had thought to Empathize with their perennial Victim, and had come to realize that it was part of their Mission to evolve through this Portal. Have you had any surprise flashes of Insight in the last several days, that might be revealing Portals of your own Limiting Beliefs? Repeating Patterns of Frustration in your Life? If your Reaction to these was Discouragement, Empathize with your own perceived Limits. Empathy works as its own device. Once you Empathize, you can forget the whole Drama.

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The Unconscious does the Transformation work for you. Not working, just being … being with the bunnies and the birds and the breezes, the sunlight and the stars, and all the slow dancing Green Folk. In the February, issue of this newsletter we talked of the challenge facing the 21st century Japanese society with no male heirs being born to the Chrysanthemum Throne. Until now it was believed that the Chrysanthemum Throne emblem shown left consisted of an unbroken line of male descendants since B.

Princess Aiko, the stars of an Empress. However, on the 6 September, , a son was born into the royal family to the family of the Crown Prince's brother. Technically this male child will now become the heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne. Before the birth of her male cousin, opinion polls showed overwhelming support for the idea that the little princess might inherit the throne from her father and now, to the surprise of the traditionalist hardliners, it would seem that the Japanese people do not want her to be disregarded as the heir simply because of her gender [1].

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Starlight links Regulus via the mundane parans with the Princess Aiko's Venus and delineations this as: The role of the king, or leader, becomes of prime importance. It may be many years before we know the final outcome of this story but my money is on the little princess to become the first woman in modern times to sit on the Japanese throne.

September 7, p. The constellation Leo currently occupies our pre-dawn skies and can be seen rising magnificently before the sun during October. However, there is a little-known, little-loved, unglamorous star who carries a myth linked to our everyday lives. Its name is Zosma and it is the star on the back of the Lion in the constellation Leo. Once you spot that then look down the lion's back as shown in the right hand image and the next bight star not as bight as Saturn you will see is Zosma. Use the two identical sky views above to help you learn to see Leo. For those of you in southern latitudes Leo will be tilted to the left, lying on its back but still rising before the sun Images from Starlight.

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Brady [1] writes:. Zosma is the place on the back of the Nemean Lion where Hercules crushed it. This myth is a symbol of the point in Greek and Roman mythology where the feminine, or rather, where non-establishment concepts or beliefs were extinguished. Zosma itself is not feminine but rather it belongs to those whom the establishment, either directly or indirectly, makes powerless. Generally it does not belong in the charts of the rich and famous, unless they become such a victim.

However, it is present in the charts of victims, of people who are abused by the system.

It is not an evil star but its presence means that the particular planet with which it is connected will potentially be abused in some way. The planet in your chart that is involved with Zosma [by paran] will potentially suffer. It may be through naivety, allowing you to be led into a victimising situation, or you may work with these issues as a social worker or care-giver in some way.

This is not a star of glory and fame but rather of the invisible work of dealing with the victim, either in oneself or in one's work. I never paid much attention to them but know that one should. It's partly because of lack of available easy information, even in this computer age. Or is it that astrologers including myself are becoming more superficial these days, giving in to expedience and easy acces?

Henri Gouchon, one of the luminaries among French astrologers, now deceased, reported an increased frequency far beyond statistical probability of close conjunctions in their horoscopes between the 7 personal planets, AC and MC of around 50 celebrities of random choice with major fixed stars size 1 to 3. His findings are compelling.

Interesting observation with Algol 26 degr. Taurus which despite it's small size 5 but being known for it's "violent" influence, gave 72 close conjunctions statistically 50 would be expected in violent deaths which Gouchon analysed. There is no doubt that "out there" there is "another order" intertwined with what we usually consider as the "astrological day-to-day universe".

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It's all connected. The trick is to find out more about how and in what time dimension. With the information that Zosma would be somewhere between 9 and Maybe a passing reader will see your question and might enlighten us both further. It definitely bears investigation though. Algol's bad reputation doesn't "work" all the time though - that's something ripe for investigation, to establish what might trigger it. Twilight — Thanks!

I found a list of the fixed stars on astrology. It is nearly conjunct my natal Pluto at 3 Virgo 26 if I take the orb as being 8 degrees.

Learning Curve on the Ecliptic: FIXED STAR ZOSMA ~ disgrace, egotism, melancholy?

Keywords are: keen intellect, depression, fearful, unhappy, feels restricted, loss in childhood; egotism; prophetic ability with Coxa: "Kua, the Oracle" None of those I would say apply though I like to think I have a reasonable intellect. Maybe being in opposition to my natal Venus I have the opposite There'd be millions with Zosma conjunct Pluto too, as both are so slow moving - so the link to a personal star would need to be pretty tight to make it significent.

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Your "reasonable" intellect, at a guess is more to do with Aquarius Sun. I have natal moon conjunct zosma and have often been disgraced by what I consider harmless antics. I am often victimized,however I consider its the shyness that goes with the placement of a Virgo moon. Depression is not uncommon.

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  8. Saturn is also near my moon. Those placements have their difficult side, for sure - but I think there will be benefits also.